Drexler (Adrian Leung) is a London/Edinburgh based multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer from Sydney, Australia. With a background in classical music coupled with a passion for contemporary sounds, Drexler crafts his music in a modern cinematic style that is raw, earnest and textured.

His debut feature length album, 'Handles' was released in July 2020. Combining pianos, strings, ambient electronics and field recordings, the album looks at themes of new beginnings, rebirth and light striving in darkness.

"With a running time of around thirty one minutes it doesn’t over stay it’s welcome, instead it encourage you to press repeat." - Drifting, Almost Falling

"Tracks on Handles remind me of the joyful mélange of post-classical, postrock and electronica from many Japanese artists... It's a great achievement, worth your time." - Peter Hollo (FBi Radio)

"Drexler’s music is spry, colorful, and infectiously melodic and his arrangements are both imaginative and inventive." - Stationary Travels

Label: info@rhodiumpublishing.com
Sync and licensing: iamdrxlr@gmail.com

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